How does it work?

When a vendor has a unit for purchase, we require adequate documentation and picture(s) to determine authenticity, as well as meeting the industry standard of equipment. Depending on location, a certified Toolpusher employee may be physically present to ensure these standards. Each unit will be verified through DNV GL and/or AquaMarine. If no documentation or verification is available, depending on the unit’s condition, we may be able to accept it to our ‘As Is’ inventory, however, these units will be explicitly identifiable for buyers.

Once approved, the equipment will enter our web portal. Here, buyers from all over the world will be able to browse through our vast catalog and even filter via manufacturer, location and category (drilling, subsea, marine, topside etc.). Instead of using hours locating units through various third party vendors, with Toolpusher, buyers are introduced to a “one-stop shop” experience with one simple transaction. If our customers have unique needs, we will rise to the occasion to meet them—every time.

When a client is ready to move forward, following the transaction’s completion, the order will be cleared for transportation. Typically, patrons have trusted partners for transporting equipment, nonetheless, we are capable of efficient and reliable transportation upon request. Upon being transportation clearance, 50% of payment will be released to seller. The remaining balance will be available to seller following a satisfactory inspection of condition by the recipient.

By replacing complixity with simplicity, Toolpusher is an all-inclusive industry authority– able to assist companies in inventive ways. Quality suppliers of all sizes will have an equal window to attract business, while consumers can browse a larger supply than ever before. By conducting fair and transparent business, we promise to provide outstanding service and deliver the finest equipment at the best possible price.

time and time again. We’re heading to the future of oil and gas — join us as we lead the way.

Our approach of offering full line services at a competitive


price is simply put—revolutionary, and it makes us confident that companies will come back,